Canon F-1

(Introduced March 1971 then a modified model introduced September 1976 )



35mm single lens reflex (SLR) with focal-plane shutter. Picture size; 24 x 36mm

Interchangeable Lenses Canon FD series lenses with aperture signal lever.
Standard Lenses

Canon FD 55mm f/1.2, FD 50mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.8


Removable pentagonal prism finder. Interchangeable with Servo EE Finder, Booster T Finder, Speed Finder and Waist Level Finder.

Finder Attachments Angle Finder B, Magnifier, Dioptric Adjustment Lenses, Eyecup. Added soft rubber ring around eyepiece.
Focusing Screen Using Fresnel lens, standard focusing glass with microprism screen rangefinder and three other interchangeable kinds. With metering beam splitting condenser. Change from the standard focusing screen type A (Microsprism only) to type E (Split-image with microprism ring)
Field of View 97% of actual picture area. 0.77x with standard 50mm lens at infinity.
Finder Information Meter needle and aperture needle, outside shutter speed coupling range indicator, fixed dot for stopped-down metering use and battery check mark, shutter speed scale, metering limit marks.
Dioptric Adjustment Standard -1.2 diopter (R-1). Interchangeable with R+3, R+2, R+1, R0, R-2, R-3 and R-4.
Mirror Quick return mirror with shock absorbing mechanism. Mirror can be fixed in upper position. Aperture is manually operated when mirror is fixed in upper position. New mirror transmitting more blue light, thus making the image brighter.
Lens Mount

Bayonet type FD mount. FL and R series mountable.

Function FD lenses; Full aperture metering, coupled with automatic diaphram. FL lenses; Stopped-down metering, coupled with automatic diaphram, R lenses; Stopped-down metering, manually operated diaphram.

Focal plane shutter using super thin titanium screen . Designed for elimination of functioning noise. Shutter release button can be locked.

Shutter Speed Dial Single shaft non-revolving type with shutter scales and ASA film speed scales. Two coupling pins for setting attachments are provided.
Shutter Speeds

B, 1- 1/2000 sec. Multiple series. Equiinterval index. X contact at "60".

Film Speed Scale ASA 25 - 2000. Increased to ASA 3200.

Built-in. Activate with shutter release button. Approx 10 sec. time lag. Self-timer lever is used in common as stopped-down functioning lever.

Exposure Adjusting Mechanism Built in. Using CdS photocell. Coupled to shutter speeds, film speeds and f/stop. Match needle type TTL full aperture measuring mechanism. Semi-spot metering system, measures 12% of picture area. Stopped-down metering possible. Fixed dot type metering using stopped-down functioning lever. Locking of lever possible.
Exposure Meter Coupling Range With ASA 100 film, EV 2.5 (f/1.2 at 1/4 sec) to EV 18 (f/11 at 1/2000 sec.). Meter information window turns red when outside of coupling range.
Meter Battery

One 1.3 V M20 (#625)  mercury cell.

Battery Checker Built in. Check at ASA 100, shutter speed at 1/2000 sec. Spring loaded battery check position of the power switch.
TTL Full Aperture Metering System EE

Uses exclusive Servo EE Finder and Battery Case in combination. Full aperture metering with FD lens. Shutter priority type EE. Functioning range: with ASA 100 film, EV 2.5 (f/1.2 at 1/4 sec) to EV 18 (f/11 at 1/2000 sec.).

Ultra-low Illumination Metering

Metering possible, with ASA 100 film between EV 15 (f/22 at 1/60 sec) and EV -3.5 (f/1.2 at 1/15 sec.) with use of exclusive Booster T Finder.

Synchronization Flash

FP and X contact. Automatic time lag adjusting type.

Flash Socket On side body. Two contacts on film rewind knob for flash circuit for directly connected adapter and meter circuit. Added capability to allow a screw-in type PC sync socket.
Canon Auto Tuning (CAT) System Diaphragm control by recharge completion signal and focusing distance signal. Proper aperture is established by the meter matching needle system through the connection of the Speedlite 133D. Flash Auto Ring, Flash Coupler L and prescribed FD 50mm f/1.4, FD 50mm f/1.8 or FD 35 f/2.0 lens.
Synchronizing Range

FP class; 1/2000 - 1/125 sec. and 1/30 sec or under. Speedlite; 1/60 sec or under, M, MF class; 1/30 sec. or under.

Film Loading With multi slit film spool.
Film Winding

Short stroke winding possible. Single operation 180 winding lever. Play 15. Stroke reduced to 139 from 180 and increased film advance offset from 15 to 30. Film advance lever had a new plastic tip.

Film Rewinding

Performed by rewind button and crank. Added detent to the rewind crank to allow it to stay raised when pulled out.

Double Exposure Possible by operating film rewind button. Simplified multiple exposure procedure.
Back Cover Crank pull-up type. Removable for attaching  Film Chamber FN-250. Added film reminder holder to the camera back.
Bottom Cover Motor Drive Unit can be attached after removing bottom cover.
Frame Counter

Self -resetting type activated by opening back cover.

Accessory Shoe

Exclusive. Flash Couplers D, L and other couplers can be attached.


98.7 x 146.7 x 43 mm (3-7/8" x 5-3/4" x 1-11/16")

Weight 820g (1.8 lbs). With FD 50mm f/1.4 Lens, 1,180g (2.6 lbs).